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We see a growing number of sites using this method to increase mobile app downloads. Skype is probably the best known. Path used it in the past. Basically, these sites are including an option to have their desktop users text themselves a direct link to their app in the appropriate app store. Obviously thats the goal of the website right? App installs on mobile devices. So, if you can remove some potential pitfalls that might keep your app from being downloaded (seeing competitors when they search the app store, diverted by the "featured apps" on the store homepage etc...), it seems to be a no brain-er.

We were considering offering this option to our new web clients but before we put in the development time, I wanted to know if this is something people would see real value in? I know there are many experienced IM guys and gals here. We value your input. So is mobile app distribution via SMS something you might consider as a valuable marketing tool?
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    Generally speaking you'll see more companies say "text KEYWORD to download our mobile app"

    That seems to be the best practice for utilizing sms to get more users to download your mobile app.

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    Some ideas work through mobile marketing, Apps like whatsapp going to give lots of visitors if your app is more helpful and userfriendly.
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  • Jim,

    To clarify -- is this what your service will do?

    Through your platform, website owners who signed up for your service will be able to create a form, copy the code and publish the form in their sites. This form will allow viewers to enter their mobile numbers and click a "SEND" button. Viewers will then receive an SMS in their mobile phones. This SMS will have a link. When the viewer clicks this link, the app will automatically download to the viewer's mobile phone. In this setup, website owner pays for SMS sending functions ...

    If so, then yes, that'd be quite useful for website owners with mobile app products, in my opinion; and

    My advice is to also provide website owners with the ability to, through your system, integrate multiple mobile apps in the form. Many website owners may most likely have multiple mobile app products. The form will then display a dropdown. This dropdown will allow viewers to select the mobile app that they want to download. Also:

    Real time tracking data would also be good, via your platform's Web panel where website owners who signed up for your service can check from time to time and download CSV reports ...

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    Off-course, its a well known marketing tool if you want to increase downloads for your app instantly. Its a great way to ask people to use your app and share it with their friends. Using app distribution via SMS is a future trend but in this strategy your "Call to Action" plays a vital role. As an app marketer, me & my team have used this trick many times and most of the times it works. This idea can increase conversion rate as the user dont need to search you, all he or she has to do is to just follow the provided link. In many cases the SMS remains in their inbox and the chances of a coming back visitor are always high. A big yes from my side based on my experience. Again dont forget to place your "Call to Action" Link wisely.
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      Thank you all for your responses. Since this post began in Jan, We have done a lot of research around SMS app distribution. This lead us to create a SaaS offering We should release publicly in the summer. For more information, please feel free to PM, i don't want to spam or highjack this thread. But we are very excited about the service and our early users are seeing great results.

      After a lot of research and conversations with other mobile app entrepreneurs, we are very excited about SMS mobile app distribution as a valuable marketing piece to any website. We are seeing more and more companies like Home Depot, Bank of America, Thumbtack etc... using SMS to help user download their apps.
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