App affiliation without google play, is it a good idea?

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Hi guys,
I'm currently experimenting with mobile app affiliation and i'm trying to figure out what's my competition is doing.
one of the first things i've encountered was that many sites have a direct download link to the APK and do not redirect the user to the Google Play store.
so a few questions arose:
1. is it possible and/or efficient to track these users?
2. is it more profitable than sending users to the app store?
3. why didn't my affiliate network offer my such an option?
4. does this way of working require a direct relationship with app developers as opposed to promoting via affiliate networks?

i'm kinda lost in this...

thanks for your help
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    To answer your questions, Yes it is possible to track the installs.
    In my opinion downloading app through google play is more profitable cuz a lot of users have "install from untrusted source" feature off which effect installs, as for the third question it depends on the network maybe urs doesn't have those kind of offers.
    I don't think it has anything to do with developer i've seen a lot of offers that have a direct download ink to apk, If u wanna promote those kind of offers u can ckeck yeahmobi, They have several (DDL) offers.
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    Sure you can! However keep in mind that a the Affiliates will need to create a great landing page for your Application. Google Apps is a trusted interface if someone lands there they know where they are. On the other hand you can profit more by directly running it with a CPA Network.

    As for tracking - depending on how many apps you have - you might want to consider using a tracking software like Hasoffers or Cake, etc. Alternatively you can use a service like Mobile App Tracking | by TUNE.

    If you need any more help on this subject, please do not hesitate to message me!

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