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How are you going to market your app?
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  • Is it an android app?
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    You might want to add your application to Google Play and advertise it on different CPA Networks on a CPI model.

    Can you please share more information on what kind of application do you have?
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    If it's good enough you won't need any advertisment. My android apps gets lots of download on the google play without any advertisment; all organic.
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    Search for the best tools of app marketing, and additionally you can sign up as an advertiser in affiliate networks too.
    Another all time best free marketing tool is social media sites.

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    Here is a list of app stores and other promotion methods for apps
    A List of Alternative App Stores for Distributing your App or Mobile Game
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    If you are looking to promote your mobile app whether it be for a client or your personal app you need to do the following:

    1. make sure you have good content
    2. make sure you have good graphics and upload screen shots to the app listing inside the app store
    3. get a video review of your mobile app from Fiverr.com. This works great for Android App Store
    4. make sure you do good research and incorporate keywords into your app name if possible.
    5. be sure to make a dedicated WP site or blog posts about your app
    6. find Facebook groups and forums that targets your niche and begin to engage
    7. Use app networks for CPI campaigns, but only after you have complete the first 6 steps.

    Hope this helps. Good Luck!
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    Try some affiliate networks work on CPI business models to advertise your app.

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    I used Facebook Ads and Admob to promote my app. I see Admob more efficient.
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    The best form of publicity for your application, as for any business, is third-party endorsements. and get good reviews for your app.
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    You can do all of these for marketing your app.
    Finish and Optimize your App
    Make a Freeemium app
    Promote through Reviews
    Promote through free content
    Promote on YouTube
    Get a gorgeous icon
    Use social media
    Advertise about your App:
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    No matter your app adds an value to the existing over flooded app market, if you need to establish it on rock solid foundation, you got to use some sort of marketing.

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    For promoting mobile app we can make use social media as the best platform. Create profile for your app on every social media like facebook, twitter, pinterest and flickr.
    Start discussion on them and share information them.
    Get in touch with the users already using your mobile.
    Run some contest on them or offer some discounts for limited time.
    Optimize your social media profiles to get ranked on social media.
    Offer some freemium version of your app with limited features. Add an explainer video of your app.
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    You should determine your target audience. Do they use facebook? if yes then go for a facebook ad campaign targeting that audience.

    You can take different strategies and experiment which one works best.

    Good Luck!
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    if your app is good enough, might only need a small campaign to boost the number of downloads. =)
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    If it's for a business the easiest way to market your app are the simple ways -- such as sharing with your social media followers and slapping a small "available in the app store" sticker on the front of your store / office.

    Also, I've had success naming apps with certain titles so they appear in app store search results. It's not a gamer changer but it can't hurt. For example XYZ Lawyer -- Austin Texas. This way the app will show up in the app store if someone searches for a lawyer in Texas. Same with restaurants, XYZ Asian Cuisine -- New York.

    I resell mobile apps for a company called Bizness Apps. Not affiliated at all, just a fan and supporter.

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    first of all choose the right target of people you address your app ... do promotion on youtube and facebook ... but mostly treat the details of your app..e you'll see that the results will come soon ..
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