How To Deal Mobile Ad Networks When They Don't Deliver ANY Impressions

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Hello guys,

you might be wandering, what do you need to do to keep receiving good number of impressions daily, in a particular network.

For example, you are using mobile network XYZ, and getting 200-300k daily impressions for Kenya for ~3 days or so and then it started dropping gradually. Faster for one ad group, slower for another. The bid always stayed the same.

But now you just get 30-40k daily or so, in each group.

Then What should You do?
Well I was having a bitch of a time with various traffic networks. The traffic sources were NOT sending me ANY hits or giving ANY impressions. DESPITE setting everything properly (or so I thought) If you are in the same boat, check this out!
Well, first you need to contact to your account manager and ask the actual bids in the targeted country for the targeted OS. Most probably somebody outbids you. If you don't have an account manager, you gotta get one (Except if it's Google or Facebook, because there is no such thing there)

Second you might want to think about the traffic source itself. Maybe the visitor group isn't that large and they got used to your creatives.

Try to create some new creatives (if it's allowed by the advertiser) with different angles, and test it. If you experience the same up and down with these, most probably the problem is with your traffic source's audience.
So Here Are Things You Should Keep In Mind :

1) Are your bids set correctly? (To make sure you are competitive, meaning you have a chance of getting impressions use the geo/volume estimator to check the bids)
2) Do you have the right GEO/Carrier/Device set?
3) Are you Using Day Parting? If yes, how did you set it? This is the culrpit why I was hanging high and dry for 48 hours stressing wtf is going on.


You see many traffic networks don't know of this , but in order to have a campaign run lets say 10PM-10AM, you need to make two entries in the day partying setup.

First one would go from 22:00-00:00 right?
Second from 00:01-10:00...?

NOPE! Apparently if you put 00:00 it will confuse the traffic networks, and your campaigns won't run. DING DING! That's it, you must put 23:59 as the end time.

So this is BAD - Note the end time being 00:00

This is GOOD - Note the end time being 23:59

i hope this might help you little bit
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