hundreds of cell numbers, need SMS help

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my 9-5 job could benefit from mobile marketing. i once got bored and looked at SMS white label services because i thought i was going to market SMS services to busienss and become a millionaire. that didnt happen. not because i dont believe in the business but i didnt put forth the time.

my family business deals with hundreds of people a year for specialized services. we collect emails and cell numbers and address at the time of scheduling the service. we are old school and the information is hand written on a file. i want to start sms marketing to the cell numbers i collected over the past two years, but i want to be compliant with any and all legalities that come with SMS.

in theory, if i sign up with a platform, and upload my contact list, and blast a txt message asking them to reply YES to opt in to receive more messages in the future or reply NO to be removed from the system, would that be acceptable?
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