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we are in the inner city. my web developers told me that we have an insane amount of traffic coming from mobile devices. when i post an obituary i can see the amount of users checking the link. i can even tell what type of phone the check from.

we have developed a mobile site and have been applauded for our efforts. i am a huge believer in mobile. (i even thought about being a reseller but the time it would take to get it up and running would compromise my day job). i am not afraid to market and advertise for our services. even if the after-care industry isnt the norm, i still think there is benefit from mobile marketing.

i want to get a kiosk. either an ipad or tablet and have them in our arrangement office at our services. i want to be able to capture cell opt ins and emails. we have hundreds of people come through our chapel on a weekly basis. i want to have the tablet/kiosk operating at all times so people can browse information about headstones, insurance policies, pre need information etc. i want to keep it simple, with the main focus to be mobile opt ins.

is there anything i can buy that is just a one time fee and not recurring monthly fees? how do i start this? who uploads the content and designs the visuals on the screens?
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    Hi Roscoe4,

    I don't know whether I can help you or not but you've intrigued me somewhat!

    You say your 'web developers' told you that you have an insane amount of traffic from mobile devices... How do they know this?

    Could you let me know the URLs of your main site and your mobile site?

    I'll have a look and at least give you some feedback on what you're doing at the moment and give you some advice on what you could be doing.


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