Can anyone suggest training for a mobile noob?

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I'm trying to get started in mobile. I've built webpages and that kind of stuff, but I'm trying to understand to whole process and how it all goes together.

I don't mind spending some money for training as long as it isn't a rip off.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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    When you say get started in Mobile? Are you wanting help with build, design, development of mobile websites? or are you asking for help with selling mobile websites to your audience? if you could be a bit more specific with your request. I may be able to add more value to you with an answer.

    In saying that if your able to do design, development and deployment of mobile websites when it comes to selling them to businesses with a non mobile friendly website is quiet easy. But before we get to that side of things if you could give me a bit more information what you need help with that would be appreciated

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    Thanks for your response, I guess I should have been more specific.

    I'm looking to promote offers through mobile like cpa, affiliate offers and that kind of stuff. Mobile marketing I think is what it is commonly referred to.

    Trying to find out some basics as to the process and how to set up a simple sales funnel. Not looking for someone to just hand over a profitable campaign, just the basics.

    Or, at least point me to some training that isn't a rip off.
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