Instant messaging apps for marketing

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Have you ever used instant messaging apps for marketing? Feel free to share your thoughts.
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    I have never used instant messaging apps for marketing, but have been receiving these kinds of advertisements. It works the same as SMS blasts - get a mass list of leads, and sends out blasts.I'm skeptical of mass sms / instant messaging blasts though. I get irritated by them myself.

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    Personally I would always go for SMS over instant messaging apps. The range of instant messaging apps available means that your audience is fragmented across all these different platforms, whereas text messaging works on every phone, and you don't need to be on the same network or operating system. Plus people can receive texts without needing to have a data or wifi connection.
    There's already so many good platforms set up to send marketing texts as well, whereas anything available for IM apps will be in early stages of development and will have to be altered whenever new app updates arrive.
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    Using instant messaging apps for marketing purpose maybe not suitable for every brand. It mainly depends on the target audience and the product, but there is no doubt that instant messaging hides incredible opportunities for brands. Due to the fact that it is even harder to reach out the younger generations with interruption-based ads, instant messaging could be an efficient way to reach and engage with them.
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    Now a days Whatsapp message marketing is going viral. They just advertise your business to many whats app users. But not sure how much it's effective because no guarantee it will reach particular customers or not.
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    I believe the whatsup marketing campaigns are not so effective
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    I generally use simple text messaging because its keep me away of problem like platform problem or not supporting however it is not effective comapre to instant msg app but I never used it.
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