WhatRunsWhere STEALS my money

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Hi guys ,

Have you ever encountered with such "criminal" thing with WhatRunsWhere ?

I register as a 3 days trial for 1 $ and the expired date was 30th May.

but GUESS WHAT ? on 31rd May I received a bill a 299$ (transferred by PP) for Display + Mobile Pro

this is crazy, I never done the payment to this service , how can they steal my money so obviously and illegally ?

written to their support team, 36 hrs passed, not reply still

I will let you guys know the following issue and see the real nature of them
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      Originally Posted by helloworld966 View Post

      you forgot cancel your account,
      thanks for your reminder, if I cancel right now , my money will be back ?

      this dose not make any sense:

      1 ) They can't get my money without my authority , this is crazy. I just paid them 1 $, and they can use that information for more money

      2) none of WRW team member notified me of their "auto-steal" operation
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        Hi sameulliyu,

        I'm sorry to hear that you've had a negative experience with WhatRunsWhere and I'd like to help solve any issues immediately.

        First, I want to apologize if we did not respond to you sooner. We strive to respond to clients within a timely manner - your concerns are our priority. However, our email response times are slightly longer over the weekend, but we provide full live coverage over email, phone and live chat Monday-Friday, 10:00 AM -6:00 PM (EST/EDT).

        Second, with regards to your account being debited, please note that at the end of the three day trial you are automatically enrolled into the monthly subscription as described in our terms of services. If you're unsatisfied, you are able to cancel at any time. Our support team is more than happy to address your concerns.

        Finally, I believe we may have already reached out to you via phone today and have attempted to reach out by phone several times in the past few days. But, I want to ensure personally that you are taken care of. If you provide me with your name and registered contact information I can see to it that your issue is resolved. Simply email me at jay@whatrunswhere.com so I can confirm your account and help you out today.

        VP Customer Relations
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    Hi all,

    problem solved , they returned my money.

    I don't like the way they do biz , but their customer service is not bad

    hope u can make it more customer-friendly
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