Help. I can't fund my mobile ad account.

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Good day peeps, I'm finding it difficult to fund my Airpush & leadimpact advertising account using credit card. For the Airpush account, all I always see is some sorta cyberspace security interface that blocks me from punching in my card details. For the leadimpact account., a similar interface blocks my access to the credit card area. Kindly help me understand or solve the problem. I really want to start advertising, I have $50 to start mobile advertising. Or tell me a good mobile ad coy that I could start with without this stress. Thanks for helping out
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    There are some countries that various businesses will not accept payment from and it could be because the bank charges are way too high for overseas transactions. There are also some countries where fraud is prevalent and again many businesses will not deal with these countries.
    I suggest you contact Airpush and Lead Impact and ask if they accept card payments from your location.

    Hope this helps you, it's the only reason I can think of.

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