Best Mobile traffic provider??

by earn2
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What is the best mobile traffic provider to gulf Arab countries ?
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    I'm looking for traffic across the Arab countries and over in Pakistan in particular. Have you had any luck?
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      your website should be responsive, which is good for mobile traffic.
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    Searching mobile traffic provides is not the permanent solution to get traffic. If you want to get traffic constantly then you should focus on blog posting and content marketing because interesting and quality content can boost your traffic.
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    I would try bing. They have cheap quality traffic all around the flobe
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    for pops or search?
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    For mobile traffic I would recommend trying Airpush, and Zeropark.

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    Use off page seo techniques like Blog posting,Article submission techniques and also social media sites to get website traffic.
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    you App should be responsive
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    Wouldn't the best mobile traffic for anything be Google and Facebook right now?
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      Make your website mobile friendly. No need to invest extra for that. Use page speed test of google, it will show you the complete changes that you have to do for your website to become mobile friendly.
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    Buzzcity, Airpush, PopAds, Zeropark, Inmobi etc
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    Airpush and Zeropark as per my experience.
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    Hi earn2, I think more than Gulf Country People use I pad, Android Phone, Smart Phone and Apple and More than people use Facebook, Twitter, My space, Youtube etc. So please more to more friend circle increase Gulf Country people in social sites after some time your website traffic increase.
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    You will have more success if you treat each 'Gulf country' as a separate entity when matching against a mobile ad network. To give an example, I had some great ROIs for Qatar, and UAE campaigns a while ago and nothing but huge amounts of bot traffic from Saudi. This was all from the same traffic source.
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    I've used Buzzcity, Inmobi and Admoda for mobile traffic in the gulf - depending on which countries Im targeting. All three seem to give pretty good results though volumes do fluctuate (but you'd expect that). I like Admoda because they have some good tools for affiliate marketers. Inmobi are a big company, but expensive.
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    Airpush and are the best performer in my view.
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    IMHO. To ask about traffic and geo is less important than asking about some basic verticals.

    It's important to distinguish from the outset whether you are buying adult or non-adult traffic
    for any geo. This is an example of a basic differentiator in any geo. Adult traffic is cheap and can convert well in a defined mobile verticals it relates to.

    There are many dimensions to be aware of when buying traffic, let me try to rank some of my own thoughts here.

    1) Adult or Non-Adult - You will not sell family CPI offers with adult traffic. You will probably get banned from your CPA partner network if you try to run these offers with this traffic.

    2) Geo traffic, It's easy to buy traffic for a particular country or region but if your offer is only converting on particular carriers then you need to know the IP address ranges for the carriers you are targeting otherwise your traffic will never convert as advertised and more sadly you will never even know whether you've been sold traffic which you didn't order.

    Mobile CPA is nowadays about knowing converting carrier IP address ranges and less about phone types as it was before.

    Do your homework or buy the intelligence which is often the cheapest solution.
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