How can I get more installs to my two Android Games?

by spybgt
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Hello Warriors,

Since a month ago, I launched two games on the Play Store, but they didn't get as much install as I expected. I want to know how to promote them well and how to get more installs and engagements?

Also, if there's any follow-up to Ketchapp group which had lots of games and all of them are +1million downloads.. please provide me with this.

Thank you for helping!
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    ASO, keyword research, keyword optimized description, minimum 5 screen shots, video, cool icon....
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    Hello Dear
    i read your article and i saw the desire to succeed
    if you want more and more installed Android games
    you must be follow this tips :

    - Generate media buzz about your app. Create a website for it and indulge in a lot of social networking to promote it.

    - Be ready with your marketing strategy, such as reading press releases, pictures and video clippings of your app and all other relevant information.

    - If you have existing apps, present the new one to your existing customers, who will be open to receiving more info from you.

    - Tie up with other companies for mutual benefit.

    - Be active on forums and interact with all around. You never know who might turn out to be your next potential customer.

    The last one if you really want Benefits and earn Money faster and great Installed
    you should INVEST some of your money ... for example in FaceBook you pay some $$ Dollars and your Link & Ad of your game shared & appears in every place you want from the world and the choice is for you maybe for 1 day or 2 or ...
    Finally I wish the best for you
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    Pay per install is best option to increase download. Find those platforms, who are providing this services.
    Other option is to invest in marketing. Offer user benefits in your app. Prepare strong marketing plan or hire a good app marketing company.
    Orderhive is a multichannel
    Inventory Management Software
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    My advice is contacting other developer. Many app developer especially games have others advertise on their program.
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    We are an affiliate network with huge traffic for mobile apps. Our top offers are getting over 10K installs daily. You might be interested to work with us as an advertiser. We are working on performance basis like CPI so with too low of risk you will get best result.
    Skype: adattract
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    1. Work with mobile CPA networks as an advertiser and negotiate a good CPI payout for every app install

    2. Look for publishers / networks with CPI traffic and pay and negotiate a payout for every impression delivered. Make sure you have an insertion order in place.

    3. Buy mobile traffic from DSPs / RTBs. This requires a min $500 investment. Target mobile traffic by device, geo, browser, OS, etc, whatever mobile audience you're looking for.

    Note that DSPs charge on a dynamic CPM basis so you have to make sure you are bidding and optimizing your campaign smartly.
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    Originally Posted by spybgt View Post

    Hello Warriors,

    Since a month ago, I launched two games on the Play Store, but they didn't get as much install as I expected. I want to know how to promote them well and how to get more installs and engagements?

    Also, if there's any follow-up to Ketchapp group which had lots of games and all of them are +1million downloads.. please provide me with this.

    Thank you for helping!
    Have you tried marketing your app?
    Something like a write-up on this new game, how it works, played, etc.?
    If you can, invest on ads through social media and get exposure. Or invite your friends to play your game and create a word of mouth.

    12BET | Live Casino Malaysia

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    You can create Adwords Campaign directly from google development console. This is the best way to advertise your application right now, which could be lower than 0.1$ per click on install.
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      Seriously you only pay for install unless you have already have download not other way round i have app with 500k download without buying any download .imagjne when you buy download people download buy unistall immediately unless have fantastic game or untiliy app with staying power than you just breaking your bank you lost more than you gain
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    Create a "SEO JUICE" for every APP link on google play...

    buy a lot backlinks + social media signals for a few bucks.
    Now you probably wonder and you might have heard before that blasting backlinks to your site won’t rank it and actually hurt it.

    This is true for new sites which haven’t got any authority yet, but for established sites as the googleplay this doesn’t matter really.

    There’s no way the search engines will penalize a site like that, and it actually helps to get pages ranked when you build tons of backlinks +social signals to a certain page....
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    If you believe that the games are great yet you have few installs, that could only mean that you have not taken enough initiative to make your products known. Just invest some few dollars in advertising your apps. Research on how other app developers manage to sell their products. just a few installs and good reviews and its installation will go viral all over the world. Thank you. I wish you all the best.
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    I would suggest focusing on all free/semi-free channels like App Store Optimization, PR, Blogger Outreach, Organic Channels (Branch Metrics & Yozio) first before looking into any paid installs.

    Once you figure out your retention rates & user LTVs then you can try paid channels.
    Signature -- The largest crowdsourced database of ad vendor data in the world.
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    Hi warriors,
    All comment have great information but I also have one question there.
    I see many man to use their phone for app download for earn some money but my question how they can see installs number without developer account ? Have any web site that can show any apps all information like installs number , review, app size etc ?
    Thanks in advance
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    The methods you can try:
    App Store Optimization
    Keyword, Description and Screenshot Optimization.
    Paid ads like CPI
    Video ads
    Installs exchange.

    All these methods may take much longer time to get the expected results.

    For the speedy way to generate installs/reviews, buying organic installs/reviews would be better for app. Android install provider like who will guide real users to install and review app. With this method, app will get more organic installs and rank higher in Store. After higher ranking, app will attract more potential users.

    So in a word, buy organic installs firstly and convert potential users to install the app.
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    First of all, get to know your target users. If you have a better understanding of your target users, you will be more likely using the right "hook" to attract them.

    Besides, rating and reviews are important for your promotion. Think about a scenario, before people decide to buy a product, they want to know the feedback of other people who already bought it. So does app store users, the rating and reviews are always an important reference for them when they decide whether to install an app.

    App Store Optimization丨Keyword Ranking Boost丨ASO Services

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    One way of getting installs immediately would be to ask your family and friends to download the app. If you do not wish to do that, you can create a Facebook page and promote your apps there. Apart from Facebook, you can also create profiles on other social media platforms and promote there. Once you do that over a period of time, you will see the app installs increasing. It is also important to ensure you're showing the ads (in case of paid promotions) to your target audience. Apart from paid posts, consistently putting up content on the various social media pages of the app will slowly but surely get you installs. Since these are games apps, it would be relatively easier to promote.
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    Hello There,
    There are many ways you can use to promote your app.
    1. You can start your own blog
    2. You can use forums
    3. You can create your own facebook page
    4. You can publish your app to different Application sharing sites
    5. etc
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    You can't do that to all the apps that the other loved person of yours wants to use, do you?

    I would suggest the simplest way possible (depends on your device)

    If your device support multi-user support, create another user account
    The following are steps you'll need to follow

    Open Settings
    Under Device > Click Users
    You'll see an option Add User
    Clicking Add User will create a new user, just follow the device setup instructions
    Now you just need to switch between users, to whatever apps you want to use!
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