dont understand how people get high conversions when i can't.

by tagadv
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campaign in indonesia

my banner

my landing page in phone

any improvement I need to do?
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    No, just add big call for action button, like
    "Get Your Virus Check Free Now"
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      Your banners might not stand out enough for you to get a good CTR.
      You will need to experiment with a number of different designs and weed out the poor performers.
      Same treatment also for the landing pages.
      Basically, if your CTR sucks you won't get the volume of traffic you need to make serious bank.
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    You current LP and banners just don't seem enough eyecatching. Remember you're targeting people who use their mobile phones, the screen in not always as big as we imagine.
    The colours of both your LP and banner are too mild to be noticed, in my opinion.
    As idr already said, try different desings. Sometimes thing that seem unimportant get the most influence on the user. You'll have to find the balance between being agressive and actioned.
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    i find your landing page is good only problem is with you ads banner, you can different banner as these are looking very pale.
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    The landing page needs to have a big call to action button.
    Just try adding a big orange 'download now' button and compare your CTR and CRs
    against your control (original).
    Mobile advertising isn't about being subtle.
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    Call To Action button is a great idea, I think it would help. But as for the design I would try out some different ones, because the ones you have are not really eye-catching.
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    it is true those moving red alert banners are eyecatching enough. would give them a try.

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