Stop Testing Offers Out On Buzzcity! Until You Do This

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Holy shit,

I guess I'll have to keep this post short. First off, tips like what I'm about to give have the potential to make you a load of cash or save you a load of cash.

I'm not going to give too much away here, but I'm going to attempt to save you some money.

Stop starting out offers on Buzzcity. Good God.
Use Buzzcity as a "scaler" mobile ad network.

What I mean is that if you do not have Carrier IP Range Targeting setup in your account, you are going to get bent over and ask you account manager to open it . They have to open this up for you. Then, based Carrier IP Data Ranges you have from tracking tools like voluum or iMobiTrax, give them IP Ranges to Buzzcity Rep so they can exclude shit and only target those IP's.
this is the only way you can make roi with buzzcity otherwise you are going to loose shitload of money .
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    Great advice, I ran a campaign on BC targeting top tier countries (USA, UK, AU), had a lot of sign-ups on my capture page (included phone no's) - When I checked the prefixes, - Majority From NIGERIA.
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    bro don't give vouch for fake company, buzzcity is fake and what they send is bot and Nigeria traffic only.
    members please avoid buzzcity.
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      I seem to remember Ruck from IMGrind posting something similar a couple of years ago.
      True then, true now.
      Remember, for all the talk of BC offering only bot traffic and the company being fake.. well..
      many people / companies spend thousands per day with this company so they must have found a way to make it work!
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