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Pleasure to be a member of Warrior,I am here to communicate you with my point of views about making money online.
Many of affiliates are seeking for a direction after a app burst period. We are thinking What kinds of offers is profit and stable relatively, I've been in affiliate marketing for 5 years, Accoding to my experience and the data of our Idvert network, these following verticasls are worth to study.

1, Gaming: this type is to download, install and register the game.This category is hot last year, we can get something from the advetisng of Youtube, 50% is game ads. Game adveriser is productive and profit.

2, dating: to meet the needs of young people, dating offer is really a stable in the marketing, expecially the adult dating.

3, subscription: to leave a mailbox, then a converison generated. Usually, There is no quality or other special requirements, so you dont need to worry much about the payments.

4. Financial liabilities ratio (Financial / Debt) Most of people have a higher debt than average. Especailly Americans, many people are living beyond such price is relatively high, but these vertical are more difficult to run, but usually with a high payout.

5, Health / Diet / free trail (Health / Weigth Loss / trial) health is a topic that is common concern for all mankind, health care products and weight loss drug a high profit profits, find a good method, this vertical works better than others.

Thanks,Open to be commentted!
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    So, according to your post, you think Health / Diet converts best? Well, cannot agree here. Of coursse, a lot depends on geos but I believe in general health offers don't work much better than financial
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      I agree and disagree in a way, I mean each niche has there own pro's and cons like you said. These are all evergreen niches and will always have buyers. Although the financial market might be harder to operate in, I believe it can be more profitable
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