My first experience with Airpush: 535 clicks and only 1 install

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Hi all!

I would like to describe my experience with Airpush and want to get advices from you how to optimize my future campaigns.

The app was RetailMeNot on Android. We created banner 320x50 which was a kind of teaser. You can take a look on it here:
The banner redirected directly to Google Play.

Than I’ve created my first Airpush campaign. It was:
a) Traffic source – Android Applications;
b) Ad Format – In-App Banner Ads.
I’ve spent $50 to see how Airpush works. I’ve got 535 and only 1 conversion.
CR 0.002% totally shocked me. So I have some questions I want you to help me to understand.

1. What might be the reasons of so low CR? Wrong banner? Bot clicks on Airpush? What else?
2. CTR 2.8% looks like not normal.
3. This is the stats from my Hasoffers:
You can see on the screenshot there are 3,929 clicks. Why the difference between Airpush and Hasoffers stats is so big?

Thank you for your attention and answers!
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    The best answer is split test

    Divide your budget into multiple images and sizes.

    I would recommend also try other networks, may be another network suits the app better
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      Yes, split test is the first thing you should do starting with new campaign. But CR is totally low. And I'm worry if this might be the possibility with bot traffic. So I want to know opinion from Airpush users how the platform works.
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    Usually CPM/CPC self service platforms has very very low CR% and is complicated to monetize, because when a company is selling CPM/CPC deeply knows that the provided traffic is not good (not all companies, there are few exceptions). Normally, if a company has good traffic they are selling CPI/CPA.

    As a Network we buy/sell CPI traffic mainly. Is the best way, is the best deal, is the best monetization.

    Contact me via skype: pluscpi or sign up our system and you can review our CPI offers: PlusCPI Network

    Best Regards,
    Director of operations
    PlusCPI Network
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      I've passed your contact to my colleague. He will connect you soon.
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