Why does this Desktop site look like it's a Mobile?

by twersk
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This terribly unimaginative site looks like a mobile site...not a desktop. The forms stretch across my screen, which would suggest that it is Mobile. But my prospect was surprised when I asked her if it was a mobile site (that was showing on my desktop.)


Just curious what yall think...

Go WF!
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    I think it is nice. Hence, we can say that it is perfect. Don't worry, it is looking very nice and pretty.
    Just make it a little colorful for the more attraction.
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      Please let me elaborate! The above site is not mine...

      It was made for a client a while ago. I do not like it...but all I was wondering was if someone could tell me if this was a mobile site or a desktop site...

      Because it looks like someone loaded a mobile site into a non-mobile folder. Does anyone concur?

      Thanks again...

      Go WF!

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    It seems that either it's adaptive design which doesn't need a separate folder to show mobile, either it's a mobile theme/plugin that it's loading once a mobile device access the website.
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  • Nah, it's just a regular Wordpress site with a pretty standard (and, I concur, boring) theme. Responsive, so on desktop it's not the mobile version.
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    @twersk - just had a quick look, the issue you are seeing is that the css media query is set so that the div wrapper that the form is constrained too goes to 100% wide when the screen size has a max-width of 1024px

    For a better desktop user experience this would be much better suited if the max-width was set to 1023px - most desktop screens and laptops are minimum 1024px wide and as you mentioned the form looks weird going full width at this resolution.

    See screenshots to better see what i am talking about:

    Screenshot currently with max-width set to 1024px: http://screencast.com/t/VKCRVDwCuvvm

    Screenshot after max-width set to 1023px: http://screencast.com/t/Ff9QYMFgv

    Make sure if you do change this value that the other elements on the page flow nicely too...

    Hope that makes sense and helps.


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