low budget promotional activity of an app?

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Can anyone suggest some promotional strategies for a mobile application? As our budget is low and i want my app to be successful.
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      I will surely try your method for promotional activity for my app wuhoo.me.
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    If its new, thats the point where your will and wit will be tested.
    Its going to be a very hard road. So do the fundamentals first! Look at it like a battlefield, your APP is the aggressor and your main objective is to market it effectively.
    Setup your fundamentals first.
    Establish presence first on Social Media and engaging on app related forums all the while adding your signature (if its necessary) this part proves that you are legit and people will basically trust you.
    Share as much as possible preferably on times where people are most active, as many as you can but sparingly to avoid spam like promotions
    Once you got a good amount of followers, friends, subscribers etc.
    Do SEO work, always include words that are most targeted and relevant to your app
    Add Paid traffic.
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      thanks for your valuable suggestion.Step by step i will be going with all promotional activity.
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      Thanks for your suggestion . i think i need to go a vigorous research for marketing and targeting right candidate so this way i can promote wuoo.me .
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