What are some of the marketing problems new developers face?

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Hey, can you guys give me some insights on some app marketing or promotion problems new developers are likely to face, or what marketing problems you faced when you were starting?

Thank you in advance for your contributions.
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    I think price, design and how reliable it is.
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    App Marketing Mistakes

    1. Developing Without A Monetization Strategy - plan your monetization strategy as early as possible.
    2. Failing to Adapt to Each Platform - There are significant differences between iOS, Android and Windows, meaning that a strategy which is effective on one platform may not work on another.
    3. Failure to Manage Consumer Expectations - Consumers are very quick to judge mobile applications, so it is essential that you manage their expectations in your in your marketing materials, be it your description, icon, screenshots or preview video.
    4. Lack of Understanding on Analytics Data - It’s vital to understand which data points are most critical to your app’s success. You need to be tracking the key data points around user acquisition, retention, engagement and monetisation in order to paint a picture of just how healthy your application is.
    5. Not Understanding the Value of App Store Optimization - App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of optimizing your app’s sales page in order to improve discoverability.
    6. Poor Understanding of Lifetime Value - If you know the lifetime value of your customers, you have an understanding of what you can afford to invest in acquiring new users, and how much you can spend on updating and improving your application.
    7. Testing on the App Store -
    8. Not executing a viral loop - A viral loop is where the consumers of a product become the primary marketers. Growth is fast, cheap, and self sustainable as users are driven to generate more users.
    By creating a hook that brings your users back into your application, and encourages them to share the app with their friends, you increase the engagement of your users.
    9. Lack of research – Keep in mind that the less research you do, the higher your chance of failure.

    Source: Are You Making These 9 App Marketing Mistakes?
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    Lack of market research, not thorough stress test and maybe how fast-paced our technology is nowadays.
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    Very nice contributions guys.
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  • I think i can probably break this down in two categories.

    Online and Offline.

    1. New ad tech - im not sure what its going to be, but im pretty sure that its going to be hard to adapt to. Since Technology and time work both hand in hand there will be new stuff ahead.
    2. Saturation of the Market - Cos admittedly, even now the Internet is a lot like a earth. For example, a certain niche is going to be so overly populated that marketing on that would seriously be next to abysmal forcing IMers into a retreat and possibly a defeat. ..unless they move to a different niche then thats a different story
    3. Everybody will be having the same technique as that one guy who thinks he has the key to success. Its going be messy.
    4. Ad block. the threat is real.

    1. Posters, tarps, etc. - those will eventually go extinct..like the dodo bird.
    2. Information dissemination - gone will be the days were offline marketing and ground work wont be really effective. However, i trust that the word of mouth wont go out-of-style though.

    I can only list a few but those imo are the new problems marketers will face.

    the key is to never stop learning because life is a board-game a really crappy board game where we lose and win in the same time line. All we have to do is adapt and lessen the losing i guess. To resist change and stick to old ways will have you end up like Nokia (but those guys were awesome. breaks my hear a little)
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