How to promote simple(but polished) android games?

by rirara
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Anyone with experience in this field?
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    There are traditional ways of marketing your product like social media etc. but you can also try Cost-per-install type ad campaign for your product, which by you pay for every install your game gets. I would suggest having one "main" advertising method while maintaining diversity in other methods of advertising as well.
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    Originally Posted by rirara View Post

    Anyone with experience in this field?
    Use easy marketing strategy! Share with this information in social media or try to begin your own writing blog! Also, you can use copywriting!

    Try to verity this game for some people and record their mind about it, then present it in YouTube and wait for comments! I can be the first
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    You should always be getting your marketing together a month or two before you launch. Go to and put your app in there. Do a press release with Pr web or if you can afford it You should be posting your game on game forums also. You really need a Instagram account and you should be getting followers which I am very good at doing myself. Put a video of you playing your game on youtube or talking to bloggers about reviewing your game or paying for Instagram shoutouts or twitter shoutouts. I have a lot more info but I have to go to bed now hope that helps
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    The days of simple games have already passed.
    If u have a big budget to promote your apps, u might get successful.
    Go to app review sites like appannie and buy a paid listing.
    Also run ads on other websites like which have free apk's for people to download.
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