INTRO TO ADABOUTS ENHANCED RTB | Beta Release Coming Soon | We Want Your Input!

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Like you, we want every impression to live up to its FULL EARNINGS POTENTIAL!

With the AdAbouts "hassle-free" and lightweight SDK:

• All demand sources are integrated server-side.
• You benefit immediately from new demand partners.
• 100% visibility into bids from all demand sources on every impression.
• Our algorithms select ads based on relevancy for optimal earnings performance.

We're building our platform to receive bids in parallel from all integrated demand partners. Our technology also optimizes ad selection with algorithms that predict user engagement. Why choose ads based exclusively on the highest bid when engagement and bids work in tandem to drive earnings? You'll know it's working because we provide a VALUE SCORE with every impression. A-B test and see the results for your self.

Our platform is built from our own frustration with inefficiency and sub-optimal results. The status quo is no longer good enough! We're standing up to the monetization establishment to lead a REVENUE REVOLUTION

We're releasing a beta version in May, pm me if you would like to find out more info.
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