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get more mobile traffic how
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    Hello, you can use email marketing! Use the carrot-and-stick strategy. Lure mobile users into opting in with rewards and promotions. Create a sitemap. Just as with desktop sites, a mobile sitemap can improve your mobile SEO ranking.
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    Is your website optimized for mobile ? Do you have a mobile app if not why not get that coded to increase user activity ?
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  • Social media paid ads
    Social media marketing

    There are some best examples for get huge traffic.
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    Everyone will say different thing and you don't need to be confuse here. First, check what you know and make strategy according to it. If you have quite knowledge about mobile SEO then plan future activities otherwise take advice from a wise SEO professional.

    Semidot Infotech known as top web development company

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    It is crucial to understand that a CPI network is an aggregator of a variety of sources, each of them works differently and delivers different results. So you want to make sure your stats show each source’s ID so you can evaluate the quality of traffic by source and not by the whole network.

    1. Optimize the traffic step-by-step.
    2. It is important to understand how the networks work.
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    At a minimum, all businesses should have a mobile-optimized web site, and make your web site mobile-friendly by placing your location and contact details in a prominent place. Clarity, simplicity and speed matter most for mobile users, so make sure it's clear what you do and how you can help buyers. And monitor mentions of your business on Yelp and other sites that can influence consumers.
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  • We know that more then 60% searches are from mobile today so it should be necessary to take few steps which really enhance traffic to your website. Make your website mobile responsive and keep them up-to-date according to the need.
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    Make sure you don't have Flash on your web site. Also,web page should be mobile friendly.
    Google doesn't like old fashion site so keep up to date.
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    You should build a strong community on a facebook groups. Then post good quality article on it and it will get many clicks.
    It's just my personal experience though

    Build mobile app for your eCommerce website!
    Magento 2 Mobile App | Magento Store Manager on Mobile | Magento Mobile

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    At the very least, all organizations ought to have a portable upgraded site, and make your site versatile well disposed by setting your area and contact points of interest in a conspicuous spot. Clarity, effortlessness and pace matter most for versatile clients, so ensure it's unmistakable what you do and how you can help purchasers. Furthermore, screen notice of your business on Yelp and different destinations that can impact customers.
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    If you have enough budget, then you can promote your site through ads.
    Otherwise, you can take help through social media like you should update your app status by your Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn profiles on every week. This thing will increase the exposure of your app and social media contacts will be increased.

    App Store Optimization丨Keyword Ranking Boost丨ASO Services

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    First of all, your website will have to be made mobile-friendly/responsive so users can view your website smoothly. Also, optimize the website for mobile. This way, when users look for specific keywords related to your website, they will have higher chances of coming across your website on the search result pages.
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    With every free traffic source you will have good percentage of mobile traffic, you just need to do a research of your niche to determine how much mobile traffic it has.
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    If you're looking for some mobile traffic there are ways on how to get it. You must know that the mobile visitor is just a regular user and that they might be browsing differently, in instances, it is why the old fashioned way of using Google ads is still a good way to get traffic targeted.
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  • Yes, even when you already know about browsing and visitors. You also need to know that there are other ways, some cheaper than Google to get traffic. There are some who are selling traffic services and they might be offering mobile traffic who can target some case in your advertisement. It may appear in your site's pages and offer the mobile app, contents, games and some information or details.
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  • You can also get and find your way by advertising inside of some applications and social media to find mobile visitors. Like Facebook. It is one of the most used apps and social media. But on the other hand, it cannot actually advertise. Once it opens the gate for some advertisement this would be the perfect time of having a solution.
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    It is important to get mobile traffic because it is our future. It will cover some traditional traffic in later years so we need to cope with this change. Remember to check mobile statistics when you already get a mobile traffic after you purchasing it. In this way, you can be sure that you bought the right traffic.
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    You can use Social Media marketing or use SMS marketing fro getting traffic ! Sometimes it is paid or sometimes it's not.
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    5 Tips to Get the Maximum Out Of Mobile Application Analytics

    When you set out to build a mobile app, a well-planned strategy and solid development are a must and a neat design is paramount. But analytics is the key to measuring execution and the value of all hard work you’ve put into building the app. As mobiles continue to penetrate every aspect of our lives, it is but natural that developers and marketers alike are constantly trying to measure user behaviour through app analytics. While the mobile app industry might be young, there are a number of platforms and services vying with each other to provide you with good app data.

    Start Using Analytics Before Your Application Is In the Appstore

    There’s no use if you start thinking about analytics after your application has been accepted in the Appstore. You can create a more robust, user-friendly version1 if you start analysing data during your application’s alpha and beta phases. You could use Test flight for example.

    Users May Not Use Your App the Way You Do

    You’ve meticulously planned your app’s design, functionality and flow, but you still need to be able to think like the user. Get third party opinion by asking unbiased users to use your application. Put websites like Craigslist and heatmap which uses heat maps to enable you to see which part of your application users interact with to good use.

    Analyse Market Data to Avoid Mistakes of Your Competitors

    While analytics providers may be a bit expensive, it is still worthwhile to see what other apps are doing in the market, their price and functionality. With this information, you can make decisions knowing how consumer preferences and application performances in your category.

    Select KPIS That Suit Your Target Audience

    There are a variety of apps for a variety of things. There are apps for education, testprep, epub, news, messaging, movies and entertainment. Each has a performance indicator of its own. User retention might be important for a particular application while purchase conversion would expectedly, be paramount for an ecommerce application. It is important to know what metric to focus on for your app.

    Different Providers for Different Apps

    Again, this boils down to knowledge. You need to know which analytics provider caters to which vertical. Localytics and Platyomics are both analytics providers, but one caters to content delivery while the other is for mobile gaming.

    As mobile users grow at a rapid pace, mobile analytics too would catch up. Which means you’ve got to keep pace as the scenario keeps changing.
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    Keep in mind that keywords people use to search on mobile devices are different from desktop queries. Over 20% of mobile queries are voice searches and mobile searchers typically have different, more urgent needs in mind. You can go to your Search Console stats and check keywords' search volume ratio on desktop and mobile. As well stats will show you how to find keywords with lots of mobile searches to target and keywords that you rank for in Google Mobile but not on desktop.
    SEO PowerSuite - the most trusted SEO software on the market!
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  • Hey!

    You can use email marketing! Use the carrot-and-stick strategy.It is crucial to understand that a CPI network is an aggregator of a variety of sources Social media marketing.

    There are some best examples for get huge traffic.

    Happy working
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    It is the bets way to use email marketing for it. You should communicate with representative of mobile affiliate networks. there are a lot of them!
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    What you can do is -

    If your website is not mobile friendly or responsive, make it on priority.
    Normally mobile networks are slower than LL or broadband networks, so do not heavily design your website. Make it light weight yet attractive and informative.
    If you have any amazing feature.. create your app for that.

    Rest SEO process will be same for mobile or laptop devices.
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