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I been interested in making money online for a minute. I have incline knowledge in creating landing pages and I am starting to gain knowledge in mobile marketing but I feel like i could gain a lot more knowledge if I had a successful mentor that can guide me to financial freedom......Somebody out there can you please guide me towards mobile monitization success? How much are you willing to charge me for one on one coaching or what is the best program for a newbie like me? Please don't take advantage of a you guy like me!!
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    You're asking to get ripped offed. It's real simple.. The mobile app business is all but dead.. Tons of apps on the market.. The big boys have taking over.. I have about 20 apps, have thousands of downloads and make pocket change. Admob, Google etc pays pennies for clicks .. I would rethink the app business.. Just my thoughts.. As always, good luck with whatever you do..

    Woody C.

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    Not into app making but in to marketing cpa's and cpl's and clickbank products....I hear so many success stories on mobile marketing and I have tried it myself but I tired of wasting money on testing ads and getting no conversions. I want someone to teach me verses me keep on watching youtube videos
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    Mostly hype.. Do more research and you will see.. good luck..

    Woody C.

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    Will do!
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    More research you will see
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    Bert26 Look for a reputable longer established Online Business Education company or Individual that HAS done the hard yards and build your base of knowledge of the industry as a whole first.
    You can then look to specialise as part of your goal absolutely but there is much to learn as well. And having said that learn and build as you go. Sometimes we can do the opposite and spend too much time on learning. So it is a fine balance ....
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