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An app description on the Apple store provides your potential user with a range of information so they can make a decision whether to download your app or not. Whether your app is paid or free, the app description is important and shouldn't be thrown together without too much thought.

The app description services the following purposes:
  • Provides information to users ahead of their download
  • Provides a background for users and reviewers about the app and its features
  • Provides Apple with keyword search info and analytics data

Each app description is reviewed by Apple ahead of being accepted and it does need to include keywords that are relevant. Apple can reject the descriptions so it is important not to include any content or keywords that are offensive otherwise your description will not appear on the app store.

I've been writing a few of these descriptions lately and thought I would share what knowledge I have pulled together for creating app descriptions that not only get accepted by the app store but help to engage with your potential users and get downloaded.

State your app strengths - this should be dot points of your features, advantages or benefits for the user. Be concise and use language that will target your user.

Develop a layout
- I would start with a couple of really punchy sentences to capture the attention of your potential user, followed by dot points and possibly some paragraphs/sentences with more info about your app. Break it down so that is easy to read and if you have steps to your app, then break it down to suit each different user or the elements of your app.
For example, if you are offering a pic collage app, you can do the following:

2 or 3 sentences - then there will be the option for the user to click on 'more.'

Then add in more details - such as:

3 or 4 points

3 or 4 points

3 or 4 points
You get the idea. Always use your keywords throughout and try and write to provide a solution for your users. If they are looking for a picture collage app, figure out what it is they want and need and write for them.

Use the right amount of characters/words - you get 600 words for the app description - use it as an opportunity to engage with your potential user and encourage them to download the app. Include a CTA and key messages to prove that the app meets their needs and is what they have been searching for.

Add in testimonials if you have space - who doesn't love a testimonial to prove how great your app is. Also, if you've got another stat to toot your own horn, add it in. If you've been showcased in the media or have the world's #1 something, share it. Likewise, if you have won awards or you have had 3,000,000 downloads, I'd be sharing that info too.

Add in 'from the creators of' in your description - if you have a swag of amazing apps already, and the Apple audience is madly downloading your other apps, make sure you share it - this will give you stress cred and entice your potential users to download your app if they have had a good experience with your company in the past.

In saying all this, some app descriptions don't follow all of these rules, and they do whatever they like, and they still get downloads. It is only a guide and hopefully might help when you are next writing your product descriptions.
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    Now that people basically know what your app does and that everyone loves it, you can get into more details for the ones that haven’t already gone back to your app screenshots. You can list the main benefits of your app and explain more in depth how it works. In some places of your app description (after explaning cool benefits for example), invite users to download your app.
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    I also would like to complement more tips on app description writing.
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