How to drive mobile app installs for cheap/free organically?

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Hi I've been trying to drive installs for my mobile app on the google play store. I've tried social media, search engine, ASO but it's all moving very slow.. Maybe im not that skilled in getting high traffic.. The only thing that seems to be working is ads but it costs a bomb
Do you have any suggestions on improving app search rank in the google play store? Or maybe any web SEO traffic hacks to drive downloads? Please help thanks a ton!
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    You mentioned that you have tried social media, search engine, ASO service, but got unexpected results. I have no idea about your experience, while these ways I know may help your app rank higher in Store.

    Enough installs can help app ranking

    Although you have tried this, your app may not get enough installs. Optimizing your app in app stores is also one of the best app promotion strategies, which also requires time and energy.

    Get high rating and positive reviews

    There are 2 methods you can gain reviews for your app. One is to post app on some review websites, then you can leave reviews and ask others to leave as well. But this way only can make app popular in website. Reviews will not show in App Store below your app.

    Another way is to gain app reviews in Store. Review provider BestReviewApp specializes in organic iOS, Android and Mac app reviews from real users all over the world. Users will install the app, then play it, and leave 4-5 star rating and positive reviews. With this method, app will drive more potential users as app ranks higher.

    Paid advertising

    It is becoming an increasingly vital part of app marketing. The good thing is that ad networks are still affordable to most app marketers. You can create ads on Facebook, as it is a kind of way to get more users. However, there are not so targeted audience as all the users on Facebook will not need your app.
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    I suggest you to go with the content marketing. if your app once up on play store then automatically installs should be increase.
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    Have you tried an app install campaign on Facebook? Depending on your targeting you can get quite a few of daily install with just a few cents per install.

    Alternatively you can create some contests with prizes.
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