How important the positive reviews is to an app?

by baicai
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For those who bought app reviews for their apps, I just want to know if the high ratings and positive reviews are actually helpful for apps to generate installs and boost visibility in the app market?
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    If you want to post positive review on the app it will give a very good feedback to the other user who come to the app to check or for experience. If user come and rate your service then it will increase your visibilty on app store.
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    Reviews are a kind of mirrors for any app. Most of the users follows reviews before installing any app. So it directly effects rankings of your app.
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    Originally Posted by baicai View Post

    For those who bought app reviews for their apps, I just want to know if the high ratings and positive reviews are actually helpful for apps to generate installs and boost visibility in the app market?
    I think reviews establish your apps credibility among your competitors. First it provides valuable feedback regarding the functionality of your app and points out areas that need urgent improvement. According to some stats, around 70% of the people read at least one review to decide wether to download the app or not? Therefore reviews are a gateway to attract people and improve your ratings on the search engine.

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    Yes, it is important. If you have high app reviews it gives a greater chance to get other users install it and have them recommend it to other users as well. Also, if your app is similar to another application the positive reviews plays a big part for your application to be chosen compared to the other application.
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    For me, it's a big YES! There are millions of apps over the PlayStore and AppStore. For your application to be recognized as one of the best, it needs a great feedback or review. Hiring people to review your app is not a bad idea as well as it can help you generate good feedback and if ever get some good deal of ideas on how to make your app better.
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    Ratings, feedbacks, and reviews can help your app to be visible in the market. It is an important factor to for driving curiosity and installs as well as it lets your app get discovered easily if it has some good ratings. It somehow shows how your app ranks among its competitors.
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    The answer is absolutely Yes. According to the Apple algorithm, if your app have many positive reviews and high ratings, it will gain a higher rank in the app store. And you can see that the top few apps in the app store always have many 5 star reviews. Many app developer have make a successful app from this. There are many ways can help get positive reviews and high ratings. Such as get app reviews from friends and families, exchange reviews in some review sites, improve app quality, incentive users to leave reviews, send pop-ups, or if you have enough budget, you can buy app reviews from Reviewapp4u. This is the quickest way to get more positive reviews. Hope my answer can help you~
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    Positive reviews boost your app visibility. There are many ways to increase your app reviews. You can use an app review plugin, it's the quickest way to get an app review from someone. Also, you can incentivize users to review your app, just reward your users some free stuff if they do choose to review your app.
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    Good reviews on your Apps are very helpful for increasing downloads of your Apps. Mostly users check Apps reviews before downloading.
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    Positive reviews and ratings are main factors to increase users. Because when app users come to the app store to download an app then firstly they see rating and reviews.
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    Positive reviews on apps is a great way of leading people into your store and may contribute in them staying as customers if they experienced first hand what others said on their reviews. Once they rate your services/products, your visibility on app stores will surely increase.
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    Positive reviews and ratings always help your app get more downloads. People will find you more trustworthy if they see that others had good experiences with your products. It's just like buying things on an online store or looking for online workers in a freelancing site. If buyers or employers see that the item or the freelancer has nice ratings, they are more likely to buy the item or hire the person.
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    If you want best visibility for your app and want to increase your apps rating then good reviews are very important for apps.You must know that the number and quality of both ratings and reviews have an influence on app store search rankings.You can increase the number of user for your apps by visibility and ratings of your apps.
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    You want good reviews and users usually 'follow the crowd'. So having a few positive to start with will go a long way.

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    I find my self sometimes not downloading something unless it has some reviews, I believe a lot of other people do that as well. reviews gives the app credibility.
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    The opinions of others play a major role in people's purchasing decisions, whether the opinions are about restaurants, movies, or apps.

    With respect to apps, opinions and reviews also affect how visible they will be in app store search results and how likely they will be featured on the app store.

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    I don't think it's a factor that influences too much
    I have an application that with only 19 reviews of 5 stars and no negative reviews, it is ranked in the top 5

    What I advise you after my little experience, pay attention to the experience of your users!
    Google play is too interested in the user experience of your application
    does the user like your app, share your app, often check your app ...
    the installation / uninstallation report is also important

    Good luck
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    It's a huge YES!!!! Let's use some common sense here.... Just imagine yourself before you download an app? Referring to myself, I first check what others have to say about it! and based on what they say, I include (or sometimes not) their notes into my consideration... The more positive reviews you have, the higher rankings you get... simple as that?
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  • Absolutely! High ratings and positive reviews provide solid traction for the app in question, and push traffic and audiences to it indefinitely.
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    Reviews is an organic way to increase app awareness and organic installs. A higher-rated application with more reviews will rank higher than other apps in the App Store.
    Most importantly, Reviews show potential users advantages and disadvantages of downloading and using your app.
    One of the best ways to find reviewers is to ask ASO services (MoPeak, Keenmobi) provides installs and reviews. I genuinely recommend to ask ASO agencies to rapid optimization for your App.
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    Yes, the positive review is so much important for the app. The positive review will let other users to download the app. So, you can easily get many downloads.
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    Having positive reviews for your app gets you a good impression from the users as your app will tops the list. Positive reviews make your app more discoverable.
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