Mobile Bubble Is Popping

by Zodiax
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Just read this article talking about how a few overnight successes are on the verge of layoffs and bankruptcy from reliance on Mobile App Riches.

In my years of monitoring internet marketing and general business trends- there seems to be a giant vacuum of 'opportunity' that arises at the start of a new commercial industry - followed by a bunch of opportunists(I'm guilty of this!), using it as a cash cow for a few months - making tons of money, teaching others about their scheme - and than falling hard when the industry consolidates and saturates - leaving them with bruised egos and traumatic financial reversals.

It happened when Google ranking was first big - and everyone was spamming back-links trying to get that pot of gold - and than those algorithm changes were rolled in one by one in short succession and everyone was grabbing hold of their trousers while they watched their savings dwindle away.

The moral of the story is - easy money never lasts - hard money does.
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    I think there are so many different apps now that it is becoming overwhelming. How about the idea of apps that will consolidate everything to simplify the mobile experience?
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