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Hi guys,
I started reskin mobile android apps about months ago, i learned a lot of things but after all, still suffer from the problem of finding a good profit niche. Pleaase Guys Help Me
Thanks 4 You All !
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    Games ought to be the highest revenue generating apps. Messaging apps such as Line, Kakao are also dominating the play store revenue. The latest App Annie data shows that in Sep 2016, no fewer than eight out of the top-10 games in Google Play listed by global revenue were apps linked to LINE or Kakao. The only independent apps on the top-grossing game list were Candy Crush Saga by King and Puzzle & Dragons by GungHo. Though Kakao and LINE are not as popular in the west as of now.
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    • Thanks for your reply my friend. But i ask if you have a technic or a way of how to find a good niche ?
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    If you just want number of download, I think the best is email or text marketing.

    Because I think android dominate 70-80% of the market, so when spam, you'll get a lot download especially your app is game. (don't forget to add unsubscribe link on your email or text message otherwise you'll receive a lot 1 star rating )

    Did you also publish your app to all of the popular stores like Amazon, Samsung, LG, Slide Me...?

    And add your signature mentions your app here, you'll also get some download from here

    Check out iMarketing Center app to send bulk sms marketing and bulk email marketing from your android phone.

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    • Tnaks for you answer friend. Yup this is a good tip but, i want how to find a good niche without investment, in other words, a niche wich go to top just because a lot of users want it.
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    app annie, searchman.com

    visit them and try to get analytics for ur apps.
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    Simply, the limits of our services match your needs... for if a man's reach does not exceed his grasp what's a heaven for? In a world where money truly is no object, nothing is beyond reach
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    Just check out sensortower.com and check out the trend in the Free App Category or Top Grossing Category. This will give you the good idea as what the trend is going so it will help you to choose the app niche or at least an idea regarding the current market trend. Hope this helps.

    Arsalan Ali
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    Download kika tech keyboard android app for swift voice typing and share your words through cool emojis and trending stickers.
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    Here i have given top 5 niche for android apps...from that you can cover any one of them..
    1. Online Shopping Mobile Apps
    2. Communication Mobile Apps
    3. Game Mobile Apps
    4. Online Streaming Mobile Apps
    5. Booking Mobile Apps

    Get all your writing projects at a cost starting at $5
    Check this profile: https://www.fiverr.com/megakits

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    Track More Competing Apps
    Now you know which apps are the big dogs on your niche. But don't stop there.

    You also need to track the smaller apps. It is very important to track as many apps as possible because this will give you more data to help you make decisions.

    My Games: stickman
    - Kung fu Games

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    use google keyword planner, that's fee method and search the demand
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