Finally up to $35/day [Mobile offers or Dating Sites}

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Hey there, im happy to do my first method sharing... After several months learning here and there, it's time to put a little of it and be grateful as well haha. I don't like long method threads, so i will try to be as concise as possible, here we go!

First, we need to register in an affiliate network, which is going to provide us with the offers.
I used to work with oGads but i noted it has got incredibly hard to make money with it, probably because the big amount of affiliates promoting the same offers... So im sharing the exact steps of how im doing it nowadays:

1- I registered in CashMango as my preferred affiliate network, it's great because it provides me with plenty of Mobile offers, but also allows me to promote adult content separately... but feel free to use any network you please.

Link (Non-referral): CashMango

2- This network is kinda fussy with their registry applications, so i wrote some tips in my Blog for getting accepted, feel free to take a look and leave your comments here in this thread: Como registrarse en cashmango? - Apps and Game

3- Once you get accepted, log in your Dashboard and look for the SmartLink tool, as shown in this picture:

What this tool does is randomly showing one of the offers from its category (Mobile apps / Dating sites) and according to the country of the visitor, device and OS.

4- Use a link shortener service like and shorten your offer link... You might get a link like "" (This is very important as it helps masking your offer link, remember most of the social sites or traffic sources do not allow cpa)

5- Now we gotta make a website or landing page, we can use services like Free Website Builder | Create a Free Website | or for this, these are websites that allow you to build your own site with no coding experience for free (and looks good!). For this method, the landing pages do not need to be super awesome, just give a good first impression and have a "call to action" button, then our smart link will do the rest.
For example, here i made a landing page for my Dating Offers with my adult traffic:

As you can see, it is very simply, clean, and attractive. Then note i have a button in the middle, this is the MOST important thing as when the user clicks this button it will lead him to the "SmartLink" (under the mask) we created in CashMango before, that means, our offers.
The same example applies for the mobile offers, just use your creativity and and apply it for the niche.

6- When you finish your landing page with the website making services, you might have a link like "" (if you used weebly)

7- Now you can use this weebly site to promote and make money through your different traffic sources, specially with social media.

Whats good about this method is that it can work social sites like Instagram, without risk. Why? Because you are not instantly redirecting the users to a CPA offer, they are visiting your landing page and deciding to click another button to go somewhere else (to your offer) by their own decision, so the crawlers of the social sites might not find that as a red flag.

Also, weebly sites as mobile optimized so the look fits mobile traffic.

And last but actually the most important factor, we are using a SmartLink tool, a tool that only very few networks have, and which comes to be awesome here as it can play around with all the possible offers available with a single link, and optimizing by traffic/countries... showing always the best offers for the case and increasing A LOT the profits.

Finally, allow me to add some piece of motivation, here is my payout history. I was about to give up several times, but as with everything it is matter of testing and finding the method that works for you!

Feel free to tweak and improve this method anytime, and if you have ideas or comments, feel free to make them here! We can improve together always!
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    Wow... That's pretty awesome Joraanpe..


    Targetting U.S. primarily..?
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    Hi Joraanpe

    Did you use Wix...?

    I did a quick site on Wix.. Looks nice but has a very conspicuous link ad for Wix so I decided not to use it..

    Are you hosting your site at Wix or Weebly so you don't have to have the ad for them on your page..?

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    Hi Joraanpe

    I'm back...

    I love what you did here..

    Just wondering how many unique visitors a day do you have to get those results..?

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      I personally used Weebly, you can also develop and host a site by yourself, it would work as well. And yeah, i was getting traffic from US, CA, and latin america
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    If you care to share...

    Wondering how many uniques a day you are getting for those results..
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    Thank you so much,

    Please, Can you tell us about your traffic source ?
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      7- Now you can use this weebly site to promote and make money through your different traffic sources, specially with social media.
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    1,000 a week...

    Those are amazing results for 1,000 uniques a week...!!

    Wow.. Congrats..
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      Indeed, leads pay good because it is adult content, mobile offers are not so good but still a reputable way to earn money
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    Congrats and Good luck. Try to scale it up even further.
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    Way to go, excellent. I used a little trick once for adult sites, set up a female profile and sent posts to male dominated FB sites being in the UK chose Chelsea and Man U football pages and ask them to vote for their favourite pictures of me which linked to a FB page I had of female photos of a nice looking girl.
    FB liked it as it stayed within FB and not too raunchy, I then asked if they wanted to something a little more raunchy click here which went to the offer.
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    That's really nice going.

    As your niche is adult dating, are you not finding it difficult with weebly?
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    R U doing FB ads or just promoting them on FB pages and Groups?
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  • WOW! That's awesome. May I ask, what traffic method are you using specifically. Can you share? Thanks
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    Hi Joraanpe, that is a great strategy and thanks for sharing! I would be interested to see how this method might be improved by testing various shoutout offers on Instagram. Also, thanks for the tip regarding OGADs. I had been contemplating whether it would be worthwhile signing up with them.
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    is this income from one landing page ?
    India Casino Affiliate - Best Casino Affiliate Programs in India
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