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Viber recently rolled a new feature called Viber Service Messages in which companies who use their API can send "service" (marketing/ads) messages to their customers.
A food supplement company in my country has already send we twice such messages.

I want to know how can this new feature be implemented by a Digital Marketing agency so I wrote an email to Viber. The only answer I received was that our company did not meet the required minimum of monthly messages to be granted access to their API. (they seem to be a little bit secretive about it)

I responded that we plan to offer viber service messages to our clients as a marketing service and we cannot give them an exact estimate of the number of monthly messages. I also asked them to suggest me partners that use their API, for us to act as resellers to those partners. - We didn't even receive an answer to that. (quite rude)

So my question is does anybody have info on the matter and how it can be impelmented as a Digital Marketing service? Any companies that offer this as a service? (target market - Eastern Europe)
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    Im also interested in this kind of services. Did you find any viber parter that has lower demands for message volume per month?
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    Curious, people still use viber?
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    There are other mediums for the message to be broadcasted to a large audience. How about cellular Bulk SMS Broadcast?
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