So A Green Campaign What now?

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I have a question.
I was able to get a campaign green but bit stuck how i should make this greater?
I still haven't gotten back what I used to test this campaign but it's doing OVERALL -30%
So Currently been Green for few days now

I am not sure how to proceed to extract most out of this.
I realize with past experience these things don't last long if i don't have enough traffic,
Good thing I have enough traffic to scale up to.

Traffic I am using (popup)

Tell me if any of these are wrong or if there is a order on which should be done first

Some of them I have already tried or doing
1. Keep making verification of the landing page that works best (already added another angle and testing images see if I can higher the CTR) also keep doing blacklisting
2.Higher bidding (slowly going up to see if I can still break even)
3. Duplicating campagines (It doesn't seem to give much effect on
4. Scale to another traffic network (i thought about popcash but it turns out they don't have the targetting settings like popads, Any popup network with decent quality that allows at least a basic sort of targeting?)
5. Any other methods?

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