What's the Answer to a Killer Press Release?

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So Why a Press Release
It's an open secret in the World of SEO that press releases are a vehicle to help with link building efforts, but do the free distribution services actually work for the customer?

At the same time, in the Realms of Public Relations its known that one of the most important parts of the Press release job is media relations, connect with journalists, editors and bloggers and influencers drawing to their areas of interest.

Recently, there has been the emergence of free press release services.... Quite a number of them out there.... But wait!!!!! free press release services will rarely get you in front of those influencers as research is quickly showing (Done a Quick Google Research). Only 5% free press release sites got our stories onto Google News

and this is why
• Journalists and bloggers and influencers have no interest in visiting free press release sites for news
• Neither would the spend time crawling such sites for Google News?
• As such, it's unlikely that your press release won't appear in a Google web search
• Google today considers very much user/reader experience and this is an area most of these sites fail
• Because it's a free service, there is not an incentive for Free Press Release services to help with link building
And many more reasons am sure you could think of

So Question is, what's the answer to a KILLER Press Release????
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