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Hello Warriors, I am an indie android game developer and released more than 7 games to the Google Play Store (free/and with iap) since last two years. And I think some of my games are worth playing. But, as I am very bad on ASO, all but 1 game saw some downloads and revenue with admob. The most download count around 47k till now and $780 from admob. But, other games are hardly on 500 downloads and they are not bad games I believe. I suppose, the main lack is I couldn't do proper ASO. As I am zero on spending bucks to promote even on social networks. Thank you all in advance.
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    Bumping this thread for expert opinions from warriors.
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      Originally Posted by pauloadaoag View Post

      Bumping this thread for expert opinions from warriors.
      Why bump it when it should actually be moved to warrior joint ventures or a classified ad


      Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art. ~Andy Warhol~

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    Try to focus on keywords for ASO. Because only keywords can led your business
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  • in order to get alot of downloads you have to use some popular keywords of famous games or cartoons and make a game for that cartoon or famous game or whatever that how they make alot of money but without this u have to spend al ot of money to rank your games
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    Maybe you have to change the name of your app - or to replace icon - it can help for attract more users and download.
    Also in Admob you can cross promotion your app for free

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    1. Nice Logo

    2. The app id is very important. It should be a nice keyword like rather than

    3. The screenshots should be good.

    4. Create a intro video like maybe a whiteboard video to give your app more exposure.

    5. If you can create, go for content based app. They work better as compared to Games apps as u really do not need to market them and they still make u good money.
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    First, let me drive one important point home: ASO is really important.

    Why? It's not only because apps are big biz, but because customers are searching for those apps. Apptentive reports that 63% (iOS) of app customers report browsing in the app store to discover new apps.

    There are a variety of different ways that customers find new apps -- media, websites, friends, etc. But far and away, customers are searching for apps. Nielsen's data parallels that from Apptentive
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  • Hey Imtiaj,

    You should focus on ASO keywords and INTERNATIONALIZATION. For example, try to translate your play store listing to ALL possible languages...

    Also, try to generate downloads through Social Media, Social Ads, G. AdWords, display ads, cross promotion, etc and increase your apps' ratings volume.

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    Create a Facebook fan page,provide free upgrades or in-app present in exchange for positive reviews so potential users might download them.Beautify the icon of your app.
    Good luck
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      Originally Posted by Mangosix View Post

      Hi friends, according to your problem, I recommend you do ASO for your app through optimize the title, icon, keywords, screenshot and video, reviews and ratings of your app.

      1. Choose a suitable and attractive title.
      2. Make a beautiful icon.
      3. Choose some heat words as your keywords to make your app can be searched by more people and increase the exposure of your app.
      4. Choose some attractive screenshots and make a short video to show the advantage of your app.
      5. Ask for friends and relatives' help to write some positive reviews for you.

      ASO is a very complicated thing, it will take you a lot of time, and the result maybe not very well, so if you have some budget, you can find some professional websites, such as ASOTOP1, these companies can help you achieve your goal in a short time. But if you do not have any budget, you can do ASO by yourself, and if you have any questions about ASO, please feel free to contact me.
      Thank you so much for your detailed suggestions. I am low/zero on budget. So, I will go for "Do It Yourself" approach. But if I need any help, I will surely contact you.
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    as everyone said,try to make it look more nice.A new attractive icon and most importantly some best screenshots from the best moments in the game.Me personally just browse apps randomly and download if i see the screenshots are good,and there is a cool icon etc.
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    For ASO your apps you need some tools because you need to do a keyword research and to know what are the best keywords that can get you high in ranking.
    without a tool, you will not know a lot of details.
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