Making money from buying mobile traffic for CPA/CPI campaigns

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I'm thinking of buying traffic from an ad network and directing the traffic to a banner from a CPA network. If the person clicking the ad signs up for whatever the offer is, I get a commission.

So I would sign up for an affiliate or CPA network, something like Mobidea, and choose a few of their mobile offers to promote. They tell you the targeting required, etc.

I will then buy mobile traffic from a mobile ad network such as adcash or the ones listed as 'mobile ad networks' on mobyaffiliates.

Using mobidea and adcash as an example:

I would upload my banners etc (which are available with the offers on mobidea) onto adcash's platform, set my targeting, my CPC, etc and let the campaign run - tweak things, and hopefully make a profit.

What are your opinions on this type of affiliate marketing?
Any thoughts?

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    This scheme may work. Do you have already experience in aff marketing? If no, you can start with converting traffic on smartlinks, or split test traffic on smartlinks and single offers to see what works better.
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    It's better with Facebook Ads (much cheaper) but you need to remember that you need to cloak your affiliate links.
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      You have any link that teach you on how to run mobile ads on Facebook?
      And cloaking?
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        Originally Posted by Khanh604 View Post

        You have any link that teach you on how to run mobile ads on Facebook?
        And cloaking?
        Making Money With Android - Login

        it's my forum, but this part is free after registration

        tutorial is for bringing installs for mobile app but it should be similar for CPA offers

        cloacking? it's simple, you need to use own domain with legit website and after facebook accept your ad, make 303 redirection to CPA offer or use content locker on website

        from my experience, it's not worth using any ad network for CPA offers directly like facebook or ad networks mentioned in this thread. Use them to build targeted email list by giving free materials and then with lists use CPA offers. Why? Because conversion is very low if you push just link to CPA offer. Users not trust some website link.
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    thank you for sharing this with us beginners!
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      Originally Posted by Akula78 View Post

      thank you for sharing this with us beginners!
      Best to utilize the thank you button instead of posting a Thank you post that doesn't contribute much to the discussion. It's present regardless of the number of posts you already have.
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    good luck with this, but haven't you try facebook? it could really work for this, and it's very cheap!!
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    Test different sources for this kind of traffic and don't forget to ask your offers network Account manager what converts best. Also, if you are a newbie, I'd recommend you to start with cheaper tier-3 countries.
    WapEmpire - monetize worldwide mobile traffic with us!
    For more info: skype we_daria
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    Try to join Facebook group in your niche.
    Money On Demand by Ewen Chia
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