Where to hire a freelance Android developer?

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Hi so i want to know something were can i safely hire a professional android developer freelance?
I have tried freelancer.com and had very bad experience and have been scammed with no refund. Does any one know of any good site that i can hire a real professional android developer freelance?
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    Try posting on Wantedz...no fees to post or reply, can use escrow if you want...there are alot of Developer type jobs being posted there. Anyway just a thought.

    Cheers Phyllis
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    Got the same experience! Scams here and there. It's kind of risky nowadays to trust everything online. Have you considered hiring a third party to do the job?
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    there many places but if you don't know the exact process they will charge huge money or may not up to mark your application..
    they are mostly use copy codes and editing plus simple apps again and again to many clients..

    I am recently helping company start up andriod and Iphone app for thier bussiness and services etc.. I personlly also know exact coding for iphone as developer ... you can contact provate text message or I will help you don't worry about qaulity
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    it depends on what your developing and if your willing to pay for it i see all to often I see users wanting to build an out of this world app but then they want to pay $100 for it.

    if you just want a clone many can be bought on flippa for peanuts.

    try unity and game salad forums.

    Ready To Go DropShip Websites

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    You can hire from www.upwork.com
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    Do you have a geographical preference? and of course what's your budget and timeline?
    By the way, you can hire from Freelancer.com, Upwork or Elance and etc.
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    Try Onlinejobs. It's an open resume and job posting site. Lots of employers were able to successfully hire workers for their businesses and keeps coming back whenever they need to hire more.
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    Try Upwork. Their Upwork payment protection will give you peace of mind, in addition to finding a reliable freelancer.

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    Ugh, scammers are the absolute worst.

    Well the others here have already mentioned Fiverr and Upwork, so there's that. By the way, if you don't mind hiring Filipinos, you can try Onlinejobs.ph. I tend to hire there since they screen the members more carefully and let you file complaint reports, so it lessens the risk of getting scammed. Plus since the Philippines is really cheap, a lot of the freelancers there charge comparatively small rates even though they're pretty skilled. I've gotten good deals there a lot.
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    I use Fiverr or people per hours these are best ways. to hire a cheap freelancer
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    I have hired some brilliant developers from Onlinejobs.ph.
    You can try there.
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    A quick list of some others freelancers websites, hope it helps.

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    Try posting on facebook and some local groups on facebook. Many times, u will find a friend recommending someone else.
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    peopleperhour is really a great website for hiring a android developer. And fiverr is also one of the best freelancer website.
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    Upwork and fiverr are the two best places where you can hire a freelancer.
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    Fiverr is the best place hire a freelancer for developing your android app.
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    There is no need to look elsewhere ,just head straight to upwork. Those guys are awesome. You cant get scam, they have to deliver your service first before you release the pay
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    There are so many places are there to hire a freelancer for android developers. Here i have listed some of them, you can choose any one from that.
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    Here are the few of the best places where you can find some good freelancer for android developers. Here are the list which i have been talking about: Toptal, Authentic Jobs, Hired, GitHub Jobs, Stack Overflow, Upwork, People Per Hour.
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    I thought freelancer.com is a good site where you can find some of the best freelance workers.
    Maybe you just need to choose the right worker who can be trusted. If you are not satisfied from this site
    since you have already had a bad experience on it, try Craigslist. You can choose the location where you want
    to find the person you would like to work for you and post your corresponding ad.
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