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The title describes it all. An anroid is the system that is ran by most Samsung Galaxy series phones. The new galaxy S8 is coming out in about 1 week.

This is one of the greatest devices known to the small business owner who runs an Internet marketing business. Not only is the phone for inbound and outbound calling, but you can now connect to the Internet with it. When there is a WiFi connection available people can connect to the WiFi without using data. When there is no WiFi connection present the phone can still connect to the Internet but will use data through the phone service provider.

When a person has a device as powerful as the Samsung Galaxy S8 they have the ability to conduct business in a professional manner. From capturing video, taking pictures, sending emails, and more to making outbound sales calls, posting ads online, and receiving inbound sales calls. There is so much potential that an android phone can provide it cannot be explained in one article.

The money mastermind part all comes from the person who is operating the Android device. Think about your social media pool and how youc an reach out the those folks about your product or service. The copy and paste feature works wonders when advertising in facebook groups. I personally am part of about 12 local facebook groups that I market my yard clean up business in. It's easy to upload pictures and video directly to social media from a quality android device such as the Samsung Galaxy s8.

As long as you are conducting positive business through your Android device you should be able to generate income. There are so many available streams of income that you can plug into and utilize your cell phone a great marketing tool to reach out to the world. Keep working at it everyday and soon you will have so much marketing material out there you will start seeing increases of commission payments into your accounts.

I hope this article inspires you do more marketing with your cell phone and perhaps get yourself some more income streaming into those affiliate accounts. Any questions. I will be happy to answer for you here.
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