Do I Need to Fully Own A Domain?

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If I want to start buying mobile traffic do I have to own the domain or can I buy traffic and use a site with an extension? Like '' and whatnot?

I was told conflicting information and was hoping someone can clear this up for me.

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    In addition, I was told I need to host my sites on a VPS. Is that 100% necessary? Because I have shared hosting.

    I know it may not be the best but I just want straight answers. Right now I can only afford being on a shared hosting plan and can't opt for VPS right away but if I can do this with shared hosting and a url extension then I'm ok for now.

    I can buy a domain but I'm just curious about the url extension. I wanted to run tests so I wanted to try the extension first.
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    Hi Jack,

    You can certainly use any option you want. their are benefits to owning your domain name because it is an asset that can grow and become very valuable over time.

    A subdomain on a domain name that is not under your control, is literally owned by the service that hosts that root domain name. They can take down your website on a whim if they felt like it. So it isn't going to become as potentially valuable to you in the long run.

    I see no major issue in starting out on shared hosting, it may be all that you ever need. Typically you do not need to go to a VPS unless you are running a web app that tends to use a lot of server resources (i.e. eCommerce store with a lot of SKUs), have very high traffic volume, or you plan to resell hosting, or similar activity.


    Don Burk
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    Actually own Domain gives strong reputation as compare to free Domains, therefore first register a good domain name.

    Choice between Shared Web Hosting and VPS is completely depend on traffic, if currently you don't have any traffic than you can go with Share Web Hosting and once you receive good traffic you can upgrade to VPS or Dedicated Server as per your requirement, initially no need to waste money.

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