Difficulty of creating new google play developer account after termination

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Hello warriors
I've tried to open a new google play developer account from a virtual machine, rdp, other laptop, but in every time the account gets tarmination without publishing any app, please any solutions?
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    1. Go to a friends place or a public computer.
    2. Create a new gmail account on your brother/father/mother's name.
    3. wait for 2 days and apply for admob on that account (again go to the friend or public computer)
    4. Wait for 4 days and create a google play developers account.
    Pay from your friend's card or may be your mother/father's card.

    The account will be active immediately.

    Then, start publishing apps (do not use your computer for first month or so).

    Once u start making some money , then login to that account on ur computer which u regularly use but avoid logging into the other gmails related to playstores which were banned.
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      Hello. My acount is terminated 2 days ago. I will follow your instructions. What I need to know can I use same credit card for admob that will recive payments?
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    Probably you are using compromised IP address. Try connect with VPN or through anonymous Proxy. Don't use tor, google doesn't like the node addresses.
    Next verify IP by creating new google account. If it said, it can't create account, use different IP.
    If account creation was successes or it ask for phone number to verity, you are good. Go forward and create you account
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