Best Mobile CPI Network 2017?

by Effix
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I am sorry if this post is a replica, I tried searching the forum but with little to no success.

Can anyone suggest a good CPI network? I want to drive iOS & android app installs and get paid for it. Needs to be able to go through affiliate link > redirect to app store > user downloads > I'm getting paid. Any recommendations on a good or preferably the best network for such a task?

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    Hi, are you still looking for a mobile network to work with?
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    Hi, you can check out admitad for your requirements.
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    you can join Mobifox, Mobiads, startapp, or Mobilecore.
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    I have always found Air Push to be one of my favorites..
    I haven't used them in a while only because my business focus has evolved into other avenues .

    They are definitely worth checking them out ..
    I have had plenty of success with them in the past..
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