Text Message Marketing. **Advise needed**

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Ok, for some time I have been using Text Local to keep members of my social group (football team, different meeting groups Etc) up to date with what's happening.

I have now thought why don't I offer this to local take away shops and restaurants within my local area.

I am going to offer a managed SMS marketing service. I will (am hoping) charge an initial set up charge then a monthly recurring fee. This is were I would like some advice.

What can I charge monthly or what's the best way to work it out per business.

My initial set up charge will cover the purchasing of the key word + a little extra. I'm thinking around £150 set up then monthly charge.

Is anyone currently offering this type of service? And if so would you be willing you advise and work with me to help me get this up and running.

Like I said previously, I would like to offer this to local businesses within 10 miles of my location to start before branching out to other locations.

Thanks in advance for any comments and advice.

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    Has anyone got any advice on this venture? I thought I may of had a few replies from those already implementing text message marketing.
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    I always offered a zero down to get them started because its hard to show results fast And any business you offer it too. Is going to want instant results and you will not be able to do that until you build them a list of there customers.

    As you build them up a list of subscribers you increase how much you charge them.
    Start with a zero down for two weeks and get creative to build them a list fast so you can show them results.
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      So bite the bullet on the price of the keyword. I will be paying £25 per keyword per business. This could work out a little steep depending on how many businesses just on with this.

      However, giving something free is always better to bring in customers. Do you use contracts to keep customers correct with pricing depending on the size of the list they grow? I'm in the UK and currently using TextLocal. Im open to check out other providers if a better on is available.

      Are you currently offering text message marketing to local businesses? If so, how you hook them in?
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    Is anyone offering this to local businesses, Not much advice coming from the warriors?

    Maybe this business idea is a none starter.
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