How do I get accepted onto Clickdealer?

by Wrich
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I'm interested in joining Clickdealer after doing some research. I know most CPA networks prefer affiliate candidates already have some experiences with other CPA networks. I could build up a website or spend some money to get some emails/traffic and then after 3 months signing up Clickdealer. But to be honest, I don't want to waste my 2-3 month of time and money just to demonstrate it. I just want to focus one or two good networks building up a long term partnership. I do have a youtube channel at earnings $500 in the past two years(not too much earnings but I have thousands of subscribers) and have experience on BING and Google Ads. I just build my company website and it's not too hard.
Simply put, I don't actually have experience with other networks, but I know how CPA works(find an offer-->setup landing page-->get traffic-->optimization). In this case, how can I get accepted on Clickleader? do they need a referral? Could anyone give me some tips or advice?
I sincerely appreciate your guys' input, if any!
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  • hi Wrich, nice to meet you!
    I'm Ellie, Publisher Manager at ClickDealer.
    Feel free to add me on skype (ellie_cld) to discuss our potential cooperation
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