What products/services do people purchase on their smartphones these days?

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Are smartphone users in general starting to buy products directly from their smartphones?
I am looking for products/services (and an affiliate network) that have particularly high conversion rates for smartphone users (not games/apps).
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    My wife and I have been selling on eBay for about 15 years. Over the past year, over 80% of our purchases are done on smartphones. We specialize in vintage clothing, books, jewelry and antiques. If the sales page is good and checkout process is easy, and site is mobile friendly, I personally believe you could sell anything, especially something in the $10 to $50 price range (impulse purchase).
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    Yo, what up!

    Personally, I think that people want to learn how to make cash online but they don't know which ad to trust.

    So I'll say this... I will buy from someone if they can prove to me over and over again that they know what they're talking about.

    I would buy products/services from someone if they can teach me about digital marketing for a month straight with out asking me for a single penny.

    That's when you'll know that when to whip out that credit card and commit.

    It's all about the people who can add value to the marketplace and do it consistently for long periods of time.

    Cheers! :-)
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      Adding value is definitely important. Following someone with a proven track record is also important. I've done free consultations many times before. I've just found they attract freebie seekers. Most people don't value what they get for free, especially advice. That's my take anyway. Plus, if you are always giving away your time for free, I don't think that's the best business decision. Just my two cents. Your thoughts?
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    You don't want to promote app or games, then it seems like what can be good for you is to open an online shop, there are very good traffic sources, like social media, and other platform, like ebay, that work very well? also, you can try to work with pin submit!
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    have a frind going and doing $10k months with games and apps like that.

    I thought he was joking, but today showed me a screen shot of hundreds each day and he works...like 20 mins per day. Nuts.
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    Games and social apps are really trending, specially since these are the stuff that appeal to more tech- savy generations, who mostly use mobile phones.
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    Third party launcher apps like Nova Launcher, it's very customizable and it also comes with a host of features. Also, if you go premium, you can tack on gesture controls, unread count badges for apps, and icon swipe actions. There's not much else to say. It's just that good.
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    hmmm... Maybe those sites with apps. Sample - ebay, amazon, and the like. Or, you can go over those sites and see their list of best sellers. This is a hard question, I think, but your best bet would be to do a market research on the top search engines first.
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