So... I created the SMS, one on one message service, how do I promote it now?

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I got a new service called SMS From Me that offers an SMS service used to send one SMS message whenever a new lead connects through your online funnel (landing page, squeeze page, whatever page...)

The idea of the service is to let the system automatically start a conversation with your prospect. If they reply, you get a Ding Dong on your phone, as usual, and you can reply genuinely as if you had written the first message by hand! (no robots once the lead replies)

Now, I have been thinking of advertising on Facebook and maybe AdWord too. But I am wondering what you guys think would be most effective in promoting such a service online?

Note that if you go to the site you can enter your email address to get my free e-Book and that automatically adds you to my email campaign. So that is already covered.
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