Opinions on this business idea using app development?

by Schlip
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Okay so me and a friend of mine have been working for (close to a year now) on an idea we had to create mobile apps, both iOS and Android platforms, for local, single-location restaurants here in our town of about 42,000. The apps are designed based off the restaurants website, but we make navigation and layout look much better if need be. The real big part is that we also now know how to implement a third-party website in order to database. So, through the app you can make reservations, check waiting times, place orders for takeout/delivery, etc.., We've gotten damn good with design, and the app takes up very little storage and is, of course, free. So in all honesty, and everything considered; is this an idea that could very well happen, and be something owners would look to buy? If you need anymore details I'm not listing, let me know
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