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This year's Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping madness brought together over $14 billion dollars of revenue over the course of one weekend. Consumers are buying everything from video games, toys, to streaming services, household appliances, and televisions.

However, they're no longer shopping in-store but are now utilizing their mobile devices and computers to research items and purchase online. The amount of foot traffic to brick and mortar stores have decreased this year's shopping craze. Here are some holiday shopping statistics and insight we found this past Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend.

Mobile Shopping Assistance
Mobile searches for "where to buy ___" have increased by 85% over past two years, as consumers are taking advantage of their smartphone's mobile capabilities to search on-the-go and help them find the best place to buy what they need.

Less In-Store Browsing
The increase in pre-purchase mobile searching has led to shoppers spending less time browsing in stores and window shopping, and more time researching on their devices what to buy, where to buy it, and what the best buying method is to get what they need in time for the holidays.

Decreased Foot Traffic
Holiday shoppers are discovering what the best shopping strategy is for them and the purchase method that suits them best - whether it's online, in-store, or through mobile. Consumers aren't rushing to the store hoping to get that bargain sale anymore, but instead are scrolling through their phones and computers and purchasing the same, if not better deals online.

So what implications does this have for marketers?
  • Make sure your website is mobile friendly and optimize its responsiveness
    Use display ads so consumers can have an easy way to find your website, products, and services
    Get ahead of the game and optimize your holiday content before the holidays start
    Advertise your deals on Cyber Monday, or even throughout the months of November and December will ensure that you'll get the most out of the holiday shopping season

With the decrease in foot traffic to stores and an increase in mobile shopping searches, how do you plan on optimizing your mobile marketing efforts to capture those holiday sales?
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