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I'm looking for an easier way to build or possibly buy a workpress theme for mobile marketing. I need the landing pages to load fast. This would be for pay per call, but applies to all mobile marketing. Any feedback would be great!
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    If your main goal is to get the landing pages to load extremely fast, you're going to want to avoid using Wordpress since it will make your landing pages larger than necessary, thus leading to slow loading times.

    You're best bet would be to find/create a basic outline/template of a landing page design that works for you. When you want to promote a new niche, you just edit the HTML to reflect what you're promoting. If you build out the page correctly in the first place, it'll make it much easier to create pages in the future.

    Using straight HTML is more often than not going to give you the fastest loading time.

    You also mention in your post that these landing pages would be used for Pay Per Call. Are you using the AdWords call only ads, or a different traffic source? If you're just using call-only ads you could easily get away with using wordpress, as the loading speed isn't going to matter.
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    Have you checked Unbounce and Instapage? Unbounce seems to load fairly fast. I have not used Instapage as much. I have used Unbounce when I was driving traffic with instagram. But, for paid mobile CPA traffic, I was using my own html pages. You have more control when the page is on your server.
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    Use thrive architect. I created several landing pages, and they worked well on mobile devices.
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