Venturing into mobile CPA needed.

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Hey all,

I'm looking to getting into mobile CPA marketing but have a few questions first.
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In a nutshell I plan on sending traffic to a custom lander which then goes to the offer. Then as I gather data, test and optimize from there.

CPA networks I'm with for this journey:
Max Bounty
CPA Grip
Mobidea (just joined)
Yeahmobi (waiting)

1) What is the best tracking platform to use? Voluum, Adsbridge or CPVlab? Budget is $300 per year, I'm leaning towards CPVlab. It will get installed on VPS which leads to question...
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2) What would be the best VPS to use? I don't want to spend an arm and a leg, but don't want to skint...about $50 - $80 per month. I won't be sending bucketloads of traffic, just enough for CPVlab and low traffic for now.

3) What is the best spy tool to use? I'm thinking Adplexity is pretty good for the money and has good UI. Spend about $150 p/m.

Is there anything else I have missed out?

With Yeahmobi, apparently they have a tracking section as well, which means I shouldn't need CPVlab right? Is there any other CPA network or traffic source that have tracking built in or should I stick with seperate tracking?

Speaking of traffic, I've joined PropellerAds, Airpush, Hilltop Ads.

When I begin I will only be using 1 CPA network, and 1 traffic source as I want to concentrate on small things at a time.
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Sorry for all the questions.

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    It is a good thing that you have a budget set. However, you may leverage free trials in an attempts to expand your budget. Voluum and Adsbridge appear to have worked well for me. Adsbridge is less pricy and it has a trial. But, Voluum is the tool that I may have seen or heard being recommended the most.

    Try to focus on offers that are on multiple networks. Split test your offer across multiple networks. That may help you increase your epc.

    I have used BeyondHosting and LiquidWeb. You may also grab free credits for one of these two and make your first month pretty much free (if that offer is still available). I am not doing pure mobile CPA anymore. So you may want to check for more advice regarding the VPS.
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    how to get US citizens Active Cell phone numbers so i can promote CPA offers thru SMS. is anyone have any idea??
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    Hey Doomsmith

    Just started experimenting in Mobile CPA too, same networks and ad platforms as you. I've spent years in SEO and this is a head **** moving into LOL, so much to learn!

    My basic understanding is you need to spend at least $2K before you find something that works. Just tested a Maxbounty offer with a mobile Pop under, $100 spent so far and not a single conversion


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