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Hi guys.

I need some help.

Lets say I would like to test out 5-10 offers in the same vertical.

How I would do it:
I use adeplexity spyware, which enable me to see what kind of landing pages other affiliates use.
Which means that I can swipe and use the landing pages that works well with the offers I want to test.
Here is my thoughts. Lets say I test out 5-10 offers with 5-10 different already working landingpages I swipe. Find out which offer converts best, and cut the rest. Then I start testing the same offer on different networks, different landingpages, angles an so on. Optimize, optimize, optimize. Would this be a viable plan or would you recommend a different "testing-approach".

I mean, I cant code my own landingpages. I simply dont know how- But I can spy/swipe landingpages and I can pay others to make landingpages for me, which is what I am going to do once I find a "the best offer" I what ever vertical I choose. But I dont have an endless amount of money to pay others to make me 1-3 landingpages for each offer I would like to try out in the beginning. So I would recon that this spy/swipe/test approach would be the best since the landing pages already work with the offer(s) I find.

Yes I know I cant be 100 % surden that it is going to work for me (different GEO's, an so on.)

How do you guys go about it?
Do you make x amount for landing pages for each offer you test (even if you test out 20 offers in the same vertical) or do you swipe-->test and pick one and then make your own landingpages/optimize..
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    or maybe test the offer with direct-linking to see the potential?
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    For differen GEO needs use a different offers. Did you know about wap click technology?
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