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Hope it helps.

Our Mobile Planet (no aff)
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    That's pretty awesome, the stats are insane.

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    thats is very cool thank you for sharing !
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      Awesome share. Thank you. Great intel for demonstrating importance of mobile to my prospects
      Visit my blog at for more of my views and experience in Offline Marketing.
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    Thanks for the site. I wonder how I can get them to add countries. I guess there are some countries that are not populated enough to pull data. Would be off the charts if my country data were there.
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    Very nice!

    "My aim in design and UX is elegance, intelligence, functionality, and fun." - Wallace Morrison.
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    Featured in Google's video about mobilizing, Mobile 1:35

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    look at DOMINOS pizza in Australia!

    Use this for your clients

    Pizza chain looks for big slice of the mobile trade
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    Originally Posted by MaxReferrals View Post

    Hope it helps.

    Our Mobile Planet (no aff)
    Thats a great source for some interesting stats !! Thanks for sharing it.
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    I was happily creating a chart until I got to the section where you had to select country.

    Canada is not listed.

    I guess we don't exist???

    But thanks for posting the link - it took me a minute to discover the language option selection part of the site - thought for a minute I was going to have to do some heavy duty translating. Alas, it all came to naught when I found out we Canuks were excluded in the list of countries.
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  • Nice chart resource Max - thanks! -

    I'm curious about the first graph however...

    "Which countries have the highest smartphone adoption?" - Japan only 6%? How can that be?

    Where does the data originate from?

    as for Domino's Australia...

    Mr Meij said growth in the company's digital business had had a ''dramatic effect on sales'', with some weeks generating $1 million in sales from mobile devices in Australia. The company expects digital orders to provide 60 per cent of the business in the next 2½ years.

    Hard to argue with that...
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