What Is the best way to get into SMS

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Would like to get into using SMS marketing but know absolutely nothing about this other than I have found text blasting to my payer group and bible study class is effective. But would like to get into using for list building for online marketing and for obtaining more tax clients for my off line business.

Would appreciate help in

What is needed to get started?

Does the type of smartphone I have make a difference?

Notice website design should be optimized for phones
is this mealy referring to size or is more involved?

Video Marketing ... on cell phones...would like to know more

I really do not have enough information to even ask the
right questions. Would depreciate any help.
#mobi #sms #texting
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    Unless I misunderstand the question, I don't think website design has anything to do with it. The nice thing about SMS - it's a standard by itself and doesn't require web capable phones.

    One thing you could do is talk to local businesses that might be interested in blasting their clients. You could charge them a one-time setup fee...or even better, charge them monthly to run a campaign for them!
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